FRITZ!Box 7362 SL - VDSL


first I want to apologize for my bad english i try my best to write it understandable.

I flashed a FRITZ!Box 7362 SL sucessfully with Openwrt like in the Wiki described.
I tried then to establish a PPPoe connection (dsl0) to my Provider. But it doesnt work.
There are so much settings in the "DSL" tab which i dont know what the right are.
I started to read here in the forum and there are posts in which stands i have to use
a firmware file and so on.
Now i'am confused what to do because in the wiki stands nothing about that i thought
it works out of the box. My Provider is 1&1 over a "Deutsche Telekom" Wire and i think it's VDSL(2?)
100 Mbit's.

I hope you can explain me what to do to get this connection working !?
Any help would be nice ....

try this or this

You need to upload a vectoring enabled VDSL firmware and use VLAN ID 7 on the dsl interface, there should be examples in the wiki.

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I finally get the pppoe connection working but it's extremely slow.
I guess i need that dsl firmware file i read about but i dont find that How-To anymore so i dont know
how to extract that file. Can you give me a tip how to get the latest firmware dsl file for the FritzBox 7362 SL ?

Please use go-dsl and create a screenshot and post it here, we might be able to diagnose your issue, though it likely is vectoring, so you are likely put into the non-vectoring fall-back profile which uses VDSL2 without vectoring but only uses the low 512 sub carriers (these are exempted from vectoring IMHO to allow keeping non-vectoring capable ADSL modems in the field).

Here is a link to a somewhat older blob:

that should get you started...


thank you that helped.

I'd had to put a "H" in front of my providers username ( 1&1) and created a new device named
"dsl0.7" and added it to the pppoe-wan.

Here the link to the blob posted by moeller0:
FRITZ!Box 7362 SL - VDSL2 Firmware
place it under for example /lib/firmware/ and in Luci under the Tab DSL fill in the firmware file.
It takes time to connect so be patient.

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