"FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE" is not found in Forum.. need a device with LTE modem / mobile telco


I wish to buy

But this device not supported by OpenWRT

What router do you recommend me with LTE modem support?

See this: A 4G uplink and a need for Gigabit LAN, what are my options?

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thank you

I can buy a RPI4, install OpenWRT and insert one of those two products?

Is this all I have to do?

I found howto https://www.hackster.io/news/how-to-turn-a-raspberry-pi-into-a-4g-lte-router-af866e3b7dd8

Can I do this also with LuCI in web interface? Looks complicated on CLI...

No, you can not insert mPCIe modem into RPI.
My personal recommendation is to use a proper hardware mentioned earlier with this OpenWrt-based software, not RPi with OpenWrt. No need to use CLI.

Maybe this is what you re looking for

Is there any USB LTE card?

Only one guy in forum recommends this.

This looks fishy:

The ROOter Project was created to allow the use of USB Cellular modems in routers that don't have this capability using factory firmware. The project produces new firmware on a regular basis that allows you to update your router for better support of USB modems and to add new router related features.

ROOter came into being in 2013 because of a simple question asked on the Whirlpool Australia forum : " Can I plug my modem into my router and provide Internet for my entire network? And can I see signal information so I can adjust my antenna for better speeds? ". The answer from ROOter was "YES".

I can't find any source.. It's based on OpenWRT according the project site. Why I can't directly use OpenWRT? The screenshots look different than OpenWRT LuCI

Can you explain

Sources are here http://ofmodemsandmen.com/buildpkg.html

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