Fritz!Box 4040 [Solved]

Thanks for the advices.

I have had the same problem in windows 10.

The device documentation in openWRT wiki does not explain it wait for windows users.

ftp command in windows does not have '-p' option, nor passive command.

But you can use 'quote pasv' to get passive mode.
Anyway using ftp in windows does not work.

WinSCP was of no help for me, either.

I used WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux)]
and a Debian Linux minimal shell install from windows store in order to get a bash shell workding under Windows (here is how to install it and get it working).

Once installed, I run the shell program and inside the shell window I installed the ftp package (as the basic linux shell installed does not have ftp):

apt install ftp

Then I copied the openWRT firmware in c:\openwrt.bin and in the linux shell I used the commands from the instructions in the device page, copying the file from c:\openwrt.bin to the device:

ftp -n -p quote USER adam2 quote PASS adam2 quote MEDIA FLSH binary put /mnt/c/openwrt.bin mtd1 quote check mtd1

After the put I did not receive the messages about bytes sent, and it took a while for the device to reinit, and there were quite a lot led flashing.
But it rooted correctly and I had openwrt running and accesible in (remember to change de IP in your PC to, or better configure two IPs and

One problem I had too was to guess when to run exactly the ftp command. If you wait too much, you receive an error. From the instructions I have thought it was after the initial slow flashes of the power led.

But you have to run it when you see the first flashing in the power led.