FRITZ!Box 4040 - eth1 link down/up regularly after power outage

As the topic states, after a power outage at home my router has begun acting strangely. Eth1 goes down and up with a minute or two delay.
I've upgraded the firmware to the latest but the problem still persists.

Could the router have broke due to the outage? In between the down/up it works. Could it be another issue?

This is the screen dump of the log in the router.

Thank you in advance for your help.

So, I thought about the error message I saw in the browser every time problems with the connection occured. Everytime it stated that it had problems with DNS resolution. Therefore I tried to set a custom DNS provider and this worked for about 10 minutes. After that the connection started to drop again.
I then changed to not sending the routers hostname and it had the same effect. Worked for 10 minutes and then connection drop.
I lastly disabled wan6 and this seems to have worked. Eth1 is up and running for about 50 minutes and counting. I cannot for sure say this is the solution but it is worth a try.

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