FRITZ!Box 3370-related commits

Continuing the discussion from VDSL WiFi-Router recommendation (and subsequent Fritz!Box 3370 install):

Hello, everybody,
Since the new stable version 19.07 is just around the corner, the following questions arise:

  • are the 3370-related commits included in the current stable version of 18.06.5?
  • if not, are the 3370-related commits included in the stable version of 19.07.x?
  • is it possible to upgrade from a snapshot from march to 18.06.5 or 19.07.x?

As a hint, the article in the openwrt-wiki is very confusing. It needs to be reworked so that it is clear which image should be used for installation.

Can you be clearer on what these are?

My guesses are that:

  • No, not on 18.06, as the changes there are primarily bug fixes and security updates
  • If before June 11th, probably not on 19.07

18.06 is risky. 18.06, in any point version, does not have different images for Micron and Hynix variants. Complete support for 3370 came along just after 18.06 has been tagged, and has not been backported because reasons. I would recommend 19.07 (and probably hold out just a bit longer for a the release) or a current snapshot.

True, the article is super bare-bones and could use some updating/pruning. But to its credit, it links to the commit message which is actually rather detailed and explains the two variants (again, since snapshots of last year, or 19.07).


Has anyone installed the 19.07 stable release on a FRITZ!Box 3370?

Are there any known issues?