Friendlyness in the OpenWrt forum

This is not a cool way to answer a noob question.
Not everyone 100% innately understands wifi standards and you should not bash them like this.

The other people's posts are good answers for a noob question, and you should really take notes.


I chose to ask that over saying another statement. I also provided documentation. We see how that was received...

You must have also missed where I didn't understand a statement (twice)...which was never clarified.

Nonetheless, I love you too!


I am not sure it was a real question. In fact the whole topic doesn't seem coherent at all. It just didn't make much sense, and neither does a user profile who joined a year ago, had total of 1 hour reading, covering 6 different topics in different areas and two devices.


"are you serious or joking" is not a cool way to ask for clarification

Tangential to my point

I don't believe it.


Sorry what? This is not Stack Exchange/Overflow where people start judging if questions are "worthy of an answer" or "are worded correctly"?

Here you do not "smash that downvote button", "mark it as a duplicate" and close the question, it should be a more friendly place.


We don't mark duplicates? ...Or close them down?


That's unfriendly?

OK, now I understand...people are really getting sensitive these identifying what exactly, I

If y'all are implying sex or gender discrimination because of an unknown person's avatar or something....y'all can end that right now.


Honestly, I think the biggest concern here was that ANYONE who ALTERS their consumer-level networking device beyond the factory specifications should have a basic understanding about what they are working with. The knowledge level of the person doing it has to be taken into account.

When asking

I get more than a little concerned, if for no other reason than they may get themselves into a situation in which they cannot recover from. At which point, they'd have to try and recover (if they can). I dont' relish walking someone through a TFTP session if they honestly don't know the different between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz spectrum with their devices.. This is a knowledge gap, and one that is justified in helping them close.

Luckily, most of the information available on this sort of stuff is readily available, in a number of languages if English isn't a first language. and should be picked up anyway.. You don't need to be a CWNA, but you should be able to tell the difference between the frequencies used and the protocols..

For example, if @Naftali keeps this radio, and HAS a 2.4Ghz device (or gets one). It would be nice to know that HAVING the B/G/N will slow them down to effectively Wireless-B speeds rather than Wireless-N, because they've left compatibility for it - even if they do NOT have a Wireless-B device..


That's what happens on Stack Exchange/Overflow.

People become so wrapped up in semantics and rules that lose sight of what the site is supposed to be, a place where people ask and answer questions.

I'm implying you should not react with outrage (using ?????? and "are you joking" have this meaning) if someone is asking basic questions.

Noobs will routinely ask funny stuff.


I will be more mindful of my tone responding in this regard.


That was not about the question being worthy or correctly worded. It was about the question being actually a question.

I don't think I did.

I think it's friendly. There are several people here who spend valuable time daily here to help people--time they could have otherwise spent with their families, taking easy or working.

From what I have seen during my time in the forum, noobs are always welcomed and helped, but that's sometimes abused by people who have other purpose than actually looking for answers.

The incoherence in the thread, and in other threads by the same OP, makes it suspicious at best. Nevertheless, @lleachii answered the question. But if you take a minute to think what kind of user who would have installed OpenWrt on a device, made inquires about another, managed to get the wireless radio data off the router but doesn't know what's a 2.4 GHz band, you would probably be less critical of other people's response.


I can see a situation in which someone buys a device second hand that has OpenWrt on it, and is now trying to learn. But, again, in that outlier situation, the same advice would be applicable. Yes, they are now in the deep end of the pool, so the sooner they get the basics down, the better they are liable to be.

The wording of a post doesn't ping as an issue for me, given how many people don't have English as a primary language, or the same idioms can be expected by those who do speak English primarily. Spend any time speaking to a Filipino, who is a native English speaker, to see structure changes you wouldn't expect. I would not be surprised if most of the post by non-english speakers are the result of Google Translate.

I saw a genuine confusion on both ends. The OP simply either doesn't have the knowledge base, or it isn't being connected to what they were being told, and that translated to frustration from everyone involved. Mis-communications will do that.


To be fair, there have been some outrageous posts lately. That one about "who stole my 2.4GHz and my network is more important than planes and helicopters" almost had me going off... :upside_down_face:


Thanks for bringing that up, I had missed that gem.

I really appreciate and understand all the hard work that many put into this project. Both development but also the forum. Sometime people are stressed, angry, annoyed, hungry etc. and sometime people are just plain lazy and asks instead of spending time reading and learning before askin. It is all part of being human :slight_smile: As mention above, there is sometime a language barrier that causes friction.

Back when this project split to LEDE I asked that forum if there perhaps should be a code of conduct. I seem to recall I did not get very far. is an example from another project. We have used it. It is no silver bullet but it serves as a baseline that people should try to follow.


+1 for the pointer to a similar code of conduct. I'd also recommend the Contributor Covenant. Everyone starts as a noob. Some people inform themselves of the basics before venturing questions. Some dive in without preparation (and some may in fact be trolls). But when I've belittled "daft" questions in the past, on reflection I always feel terrible even if at the time I thought I was in the right / that's something that "everyone" knows.

There is, in fact, guidelines for the forum:
And also terms of service:

Though, there is probably room for improvement.


Just to clarify, I wasn't talking about coherence in the language. I was talking about the variation between the topics brought up and the very basic question asked.

I am not bringing this issue back, but just wanted to clarify that it wasn't about the language.

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thank you @bobafetthotmail for support. I fully agree with you

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Noob or not, please don’t cross-post unrelated things in multiple topics.


sorry @dibdot
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