Friendlyelec nanopi R1S H5 support

hi there,

I'm trying to add support for Friendlyelec nanopi R1S H5.
I've used as reference but it seems a new DTS is needed
Friendlyarm's 4.14 dts is here
Friendlywrt dmesg here:
latest openwrt nanopi-neo2 image bootlog here:
@jayanta525 can you help please?

Hi @maurer

The last time @jayanta525 helped me also he gave me this repo

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Hi @maurer @markbirss

I will look into adding support for this board. But there is a very little chance of this getting merged into mainline openwrt.

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Why is there a very small chance? @jayanta525

Any update? I really hope someone could bring R1S H5 into work.

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