Frequent Issues with Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (nlbwmon) and LuCI

I'm having trouble getting the chart to show data consistently. Sometimes I get just a grey chart with no data. I have the accounting period configured for a fixed interval of 1 day. If I change settings, Save & Apply and then change back to the settings I want I can get it to work again. Sometimes I need to do those steps several times before I see data. Anyone else notice this?

i havent noticed this, but heres something else you could try that works for me

This is an interesting monitor but I feel it would be a lot of maintenance updating the hosts file manually like that regularly. I use LuCI's Static Network assignment page to assign names to MACs and IPs. It would be nice for this addon to get the info from there. Thanks.

did you try it? generally when i look at my usage it already shows the host names especially if youve assigned static ip address..i also add the option dynamicdhcp '0' to my lan dhcp server

No, I didn't try it since I read that you need to maintain the hosts file. Perhaps it doesn't need it with static IPs already assigned. I wonder why this is not available in LuCI under Software...

idk, but it works well. without editing the hosts file