Freifunk feed update broken again

happens once a blue moon due to some site modification/maintenance?

I was just able to access the URL using a web browser.

not sure what the problem but admin will notice and fix it soon just like the last time

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Well, that SSL/TLS handshake problem is between your own host and Github.

the other feeds are ok just freifunk not ok...i'm still compiling 19.07 version every day to be able to notice...21.02 branch feeds update no longer include freifunk if not mistaken

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I'm not sure that disabling the security that is saying something it wrong is the best way to deal with it. :thinking: Especially given the uptick in State Actors and other malicious folks these days.

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i just rebooted router and problem seems to be gone

earlier the VM had some packages (possibly SSL TLS related) upgraded and i also rebooted the VM but problem was still there

Don’t think it has anything to do with your router reboot.
My life experience with this types of faults is that they are self healing at Monday if they happens during the weekend.
If it happens during daytime and workin hours (where the server is located)…well this isn’t life critical things and maintenance will be done from time to time.

And internet is not that simple so if one connection fails in one region then another region can work like nothing happened.

That was just one "solution" that was mentioned.

I don't see anyone on this thread advocating for it.

I didn't see you advocate against it, when you just dropped the link and nothing else :laughing:

At least this way, should someone find this in the future, they hopefully will decide not to "fix" the TLS error by disabling TLS..

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TLS is pretty safe if the certification is handled with chain of trust intact.

If the certs are self signed by some other than your close friend or yourself. Then https looks good but that is all it is.

But the TLS system is a very proven and stable. If it stops working something has happened that need to be handled by other means than turn off TLS.

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Good thing we have you to police the Internet for us.

Otherwise, people might go astray making decisions for themselves.

You posted an answer, without explanation, without warning, in an "authoritative way" (boom, here's answer! TADA!) on a Public forum in a way to, in your OWN follow-up you didn't advocate.. Why? What is the purpose? Why not just drop a'gnutls_handshake()+failed'+error+when+doing+'git+clone' link and be done with it, if you really don't care?

Worse, you then take apparently great exception to people (including myself) saying "Hey, Disabling the security that the error you don't understand and came to get help on is probably not the way to go" I fail to see how any of this is helpful, and you got really defensive when called on it.

The post (and myself) are done with this, but seriously, what you post can/does have effects on others and giving intentionally wrong or misleading information without any kind of "other information" is just .... sad more than anything. Because, yes, removing TLS (Including EDITING and compiling git from source to disable it!!!) will solve this issue, and I can see people doing this because you suggested it on the OpenWrt forum and they were desperate for whatever help they could get.

I see advice on this forum to disable the firewall to do TFTP recoveries.

Apparently, the assumption is that people are smart enough to re-enable it afterwards.

I take exception to your making it personal, so we can go that route.

So...get over yourself "officer grommish".

If you can't deal with it, contact a moderator to have it removed...or better yet, if you're really motivated, contact the author.

Your keyboard warrior tactics are boring.

Edit: Please unlike this post. It's neither wanted, nor needed.

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