Freeswitch packages cannot be found in Geode

Hello. Running OpenWrt 22.03.3 in my system

i am searching for Freeswitch packages and it does not show anything. Is there anything that i have to do or it is not implemented for my architecture?

Don't think it's available any more.

Hi there,

I cherry-picked a commit to 22.03 branch just now that should fix the compile again. A recent curl update seems to have broken this. Once the build bots are through with this the packages should come online again (fingers crossed).

Thanks for the reply.
In which Openwrt version and when shall i expect the packages?Will it be in a newer version than mine or in 22.03?

It'll be for your version. Not 100% sure about your device, but I'm guessing you'd be waiting for this build to complete: Link

Otherwise check yourself, see here and here.

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