Freeradius3 mod mysql not available

Hi all
Is there a specific reason why all the sql mods for freeradius3 are not available in the packages?

There is probably no specific reason to not build that module, but so far nobody has implemented that module for the package.

Looking at the Makefile reveals:

# SQL support has not been ported
--without-rlm_sql \
--without-rlm_sql_db2 \
--without-rlm_sql_firebird \
--without-rlm_sql_freetds \
--without-rlm_sql_iodbc \
--without-rlm_sql_mysql \
--without-rlm_sql_oracle \
--without-rlm_sql_postgresql \
--without-rlm_sql_sqlite \
--without-rlm_sql_unixodbc \
--without-rlm_sqlcounter \
--without-rlm_sqlhpwippool \
--without-rlm_sqlippool \

So, none of the SQL modules has been enabled.

If you want that mysql module, you should create the necessary support for that in the package Makefile (and config & patches) and propose those changes for the package maintainer in a Github pull request.

Is there any plan, task or issue to add this package in the future? Thanks.

Bringing this topic back to life. Any plans to enable sql modules in freeradius3? This is the only reason I am still using freeradius2 but sqlite support on that version is very bad so would like to switch to v3.


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