Freenas as PXE Server help

Hello guys. Can you help me with my problem. Sorry for my English. I have no experience in network technologies, just learning. I need to run NAS with PXE server on it. I know FreeNAS can do it, i i can't figure out what i do wrong.
I installed FreeNAS, created a pool (wd) and added datasheet (pxe), next i added NFS share, started TFTP Service and point it's location to this share (pxe). Added IP
As DHCP Server i used OpenWRT installed on Raspberry Pi 2B+. I configured advanced settings in DHCP for network boot, added two lines:
When i start my client machine i see error: pxe-e32 tftp open timeout
I don't understand what i do wrong.

Since there is no any answers, I'll do it by myself. I found my mistake. There is no need to add DHCP advanced settings. All you need is to go to: Network -> DHCP and DNS -> open TFTP Settings. Check Enable TFTP server, first option (TFTP server root) leave blank. Second (Network boot image) must look like this "pxelinux.0,,", there is two comas between "pxelinux.0" and "". As I suppose between these two comas must be your server name, but it's not necessery.
Sorry for my English, it's not my primary language.


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