Freelance help per hour

I am not entirely sure anymore but I am almost certain I already had made this post once. But when searching back to all the posts I have ever made it looks it does not show up in the results.

in a nutshell. How would the community feel about making it possible for developers and/or power users to offer their services on a paid hourly basis?

Here you are:

thank you @tmomas,

I seriously do hope, and also kind of expect that you knew I was just unable to find it my self. Not suggestion anything else.

But now we found that old post and the no responses to it. Can you please advice me a way to liven up this concept? I mean OpenWRT is obviously one mean beast that can run anywhere.

But recently I have found that it could potentially shine even more bright on a VM.

If only freelance (experts paid advice) help was available to the newcommers like my self, then OpenWRT would be dominating the world right now :wink:
LOL, not entirely sure if that is true but I like that saying none the less

Ok let me throw it around then.

What would be a fair hourly price be?

Should I iver get far enough to warrant it I just might

Let it please be clear I am still in the noob zone

But in my quest I can lay clear some shortcomings of what is otherwise a great software

Well there are some portals that bring freelancers and contractors together. I guess it'd just require them to create a OpenWRT category.

About the price, it would depend on offer and demand.

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in regard to the offer and demand I would say it is about 1500e an hour

but that would not make any sense so we are stuck at ground sero

I am happy that some of the community are willing to go a bit more private because they feel that leaving some of us brothers dangling is also not a way to go forward

believe me I have tried :wink: I have went so far as to commit to paying 125e/h for local (from my own country) network experts for advice/ I will not disclose any names and numbers because they were honorable enough to never invoice me after also them 'experts' got this brick wall that I am still encountering