Free TP-Link TD-W8970B

I bought a TP-Link TD-W8970B and did flash it over telnet as described in the OpenWRT wiki and elsewhere. The device should be fully supported but, unfortunately, it does not boot. I would have to attach a serial cable and to reflash it or find out why it does not boot. I tried to solder a header on the board but I'm unable clean the preapplied solder from the holes. I don't have time or patience for further attempts. Therefore I'm giving away the device for free. I will also pay the shipping costs within the European Union and if you are a developer, also world-wide. First-come, first-served.

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Hi bro... Can I try but I want to tell you, I'm from Indonesia


which revision?

If I remember correctly the hole for GND isn't drilled all the way through, so there's no way to get a header pin into that point. I ended up using a different GND point nearby.

Alternatively, you can also just solder a header to those points and not go full through-hole (angled pin headers work great for that purpose), or use wires to connect a header to the points. Header pins don't really have to be a permanent installation, ideally you will only need them once to flash OpenWrt/LEDE, and never again afterwards.

Actually it is probably drilled through but as it is ground it needs immense amount of heat to melt the solder. I had to use two solder irons from each side .. it took me an hour approx. Takimata's solution is the easeiest.

Is this still valid?

Hi, is this still available ?

I’m a student from the UK and would be happy to have a go at unbricking this.

Please do let me know if that’s possible, many thanks !

Yes, the device is still available. I asked a friend, who is an electrical engineer, for help. We were able to remove the preapplied solder with compressed air and a lot of patience. I don't think that we damaged the device but that's hard to say. Afterwards I attached a RS-232 TTL level converter but I didn't get any output on the serial console. So I'm giving up. If somebody still wants to have it, I can send it.

If you are willing to send to Poland, I'm interested.

Since I can't get in touch, here's my email: fibreoptique (at) gmail

I am from germany and working in an electrical developement company.
I will pay for shipping...

Hi matott,

Since the device is still available, would you be able to please arrange for shipping to the UK if possible ?

Many thanks,