Forwarding GoPro AP to a WLAN Interface


I'm trying to replicate what this guy has shown in this video ony with OpenWrt:

Been trying a few configurations and can't seem to figure out the OpenWrt equivalent. I'm trying to do it with a single OpenWrt device, you only seem to need the second if your primary home router doesn't have advanced functionality. From my understanding any way, I don't see a reason to need 2 OpenWrt devices for this.

Using an up to date version of LuCi I go to Network > Wireless > select "Scan" & log into the GoPro's WiFi network. Have tried setting it as either AP or Client Mode with the firewall zone as LAN. When I go to Network > Interfaces > the go pro interface has traffic. With it set to Client mode instead of AP mode the interface has an IPv4 address of When I go to Network > Static Routes > Add I select the gopro interface, I set the IP address of the GoPro network stream, which is test this with my computer signed into the GoPro WiFi) as the target address, sub net mask to, and the gateway address to the IP of the interface, My home network looks like 192.168.7.XXX

However when I try to connect to the camera network stream using a python script that works on it cannot reach the camera. This is the python library I'm using and works when my computer is connected directly to the GoPro AP but not using this method:

Does anyone have any thoughts or questions about my configuration that could lead to a solution?


This is a case for DNAT.

First am I understanding this properly:
Your router holds an IP (DHCP assigned from the GoPro?)
The GoPro sends packets from its IP to
Then your router needs to either process them locally, or forward them somewhere.

Leave the netmask at /24 ( so that both of the IPs above are covered in the same subnet. This is important so any replies from the PC can reverse-NAT and find their way back to the camera.

Also make a new firewall zone for the GoPro interface, don't use LAN, since you're going to NAT packets they have to be moving in between zones.

Then you need a DNAT rule to forward from to your PC in the LAN 192.168.7.N. The situation is exactly the same as running a web server in your house for people on the Internet. Packets of a certain type for a certain port arrive at the router's WAN interface and need to be forwarded to a machine on the LAN.