Forwarded ports show as 'Stealthed' and not visible

There is no rule created for the DNAT.
From what I see you are running 22.03, which uses nftables, so try with nft list table nat -a

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Do you have another computer you can use (such as a Mac or a linux machine, even just a raspberry pi) where you can turn on a server (web server, for example) to test a direct connection to that?

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A web server on a linux box or pi... doesn't matter what it is serving, as long as it works. port 80 is the standard web port (http).

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That is a different distribution. It is also using the 5.15 kernel. OpenWrt is using 5.10.

Also it appears someone else is having a similar issue to you with port forwarding.

I am using an older anaelorlinski build (specifically AO Build@2022.03.29 ext4 edition) and have no issues with port forwarding my plex. That is port forwarded from my Wan to an internal raspberry pi running docker instance.