Forward ports to wireless and wired connection of the same device

I have a Nintendo Switch and to get the best possible connection i need to forward ports to the switch.

Is it possible to forward ports to multiple mac adresses or ip adresses? they belong to the same device so it will be using only one mac/ip at a time. The switch is connected via cable when docked at the tv, but trough wifi when in handheld.

for one game (smash ultimate) i found the following:

Ports Required for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The incoming ports for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are as follows:

i dont really understand this as the way i see it, when i forward UDP port 1-65535 to the switch no other device in the network will be able to use these ports because all traffic will go to the switch?

Sure, just not at the same time.

Then setup DHCP to hand out the same IP to either interface (whether docked or WiFi).

I highly doubt that Nintendo intends for you to forward all UDP ports to your Switch. Actually, I doubt you need to open any ports.

In theory, yes, because it's a 4-way IP/Port/IP/Port combo; but again, I don't think this is correct.


Please, double check with a reliable source of information that you really need to open any ports to play that game, and which ports.

Internet is full of bot-generated pages with meaningless information like that, targeted to the most common search terms, and that looks like one of them.


thank you for your reply's

the source of the information is the site of nintendo:

Would something like this be possible by putting the switch in a different VLAN?

Wow Nintendo advising their customers to break their Internet Connection
Within the port range, enter the starting port and the ending port to forward. For the Nintendo Switch console, this is port **1 through 65535**

There is no magic you could do on your LAN for this as the portforwarding applies on your WAN side and unless you have several public IP address you can not do anything.

Anyway personally for me this Nintendo recommendation doesn't make sense. Unless Nintendo would provide a source IP (their Server) which they don't.

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Don't fall prey to marketing and scammer lies.
Typically there's no need to forward any ports to play game consoles.

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Ummm no...

We already covered this when the OP asked would the connection still work, I stated:

To clarify my wording - it won't break the connection as these are inbound NATs and hence have a unique 4-way combination of IP/Port of the SRC and DST; but will make the OP unable to forward UDP ports to another internal device.

:warning: It also (and just bad) statically exposes all UDP ports to the Nintendo device.

I think these are actually outbound ports (e.g. on a network with high security - that doesn't let anything except 80/tcp, 443/tcp and 53/udp out)...but a lot of game manufacturers don't specify very well. Another theory is that they'e merely listing all the possible ports the game may use. Doing a bit of web searching, I found this is the case with the Switch:

Further and most importantly, the OP merely misread and mis-cites references.

The OP's first post clearly says:

The website clearly says:

How to Set Up a Router's Port Forwarding for a Nintendo Switch Console

  • So, the OP did not cite a reference supporting his first post (regarding TCP)
  • I'm still wowed they want all UDP ports forwarded

I cannot believe Nintendo is asking users to forward all UDP ports to the console, it's completely stupid advice.