Forward L2 Frames

I want to forward L2 frames to be specific Profinet that have an ethertype 0x8892 over a Bridge
This Bridge I did it by using Zerotier L2 Bridging function,
Now, I don't have any problem of connectivity with basics protocols like IPV4,ARP,IPV6,
I can ping along de subnet.
Is there a way that I can forward that protocol?

Likely gretap is of help, you will not be able to achieve sub-ms latency in distance or with encrypting vpn.

I was thinking on using nftables for bridge, but I'm a beginner in that area. Trying to forward LLDP packages(L2 frame) I noticed that the only way was editing de group_fwd_mask of the bridge. Still thinking how to do in my case

lldp is not meant to be forwarded., for others you need "tap" interface, not "tun"

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