Forum keywords / sub-categories

Continuing the discussion from Not really enjoying the Discourse forum:

So there was the suggestion in the topic above for sub-categorizing the forum. But that too has its cons, as it can get complicated, and also often the issue touches more than one aspect, so can be belong to multiple categories.

Would it be a goo idea to allow tagging or key-wording the posts (e.g. similar to labeling emails in Gmail or putting keywords for photos or movies)? It can be via a pre-determined list of sub-categories, where the user select one or more category that their post talk about.

An when other users get to view that category (e.g. Installing and Using OpenWrt), they can either view all topics or tick the sub-categories they are interested in (e.g. WiFi, WAN, Firewall).

Its an interesting idea however if your work-weeks are anything like mine, i always have more things happening than i have time to do them all... :wink:

One thing i thought about recently was how its not always that easy keep upto speed with whats happening on the forum.

I have no idea if this is feasible but similar to your idea of tagging , what about having a semi-dynamic word cloud generated using the conversations happening in the forum (past 3 days or 1-2weeks maybe)

Eg, this kind if thing. (have to scroll down a fair way to see the screenshots)