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Not even sure what I'm looking at... but my arm is in a cast, and it seems I have to scroll in perpetuity to arrive at the start or end of a thread.. Being unable to find any meaningful answer quick enough w/o my arm starting to hurt, I decided to just message Davidc502 directly.. So I click his name, and nothing happens, so I CTRL+CLICK his name, to see if my browser is responding to clicks.. and indeed I get a new tab but.. to the forum login page.. so I presume an account is required to view profiles, so I created one..

Now I repeat the above, and have no idea how to navigate this forum UI to send a message, or if the ability is just hidden and I'm restricted from seeing it until I bear the frustration of this interface for long enough that i've earned the option to not use it by messaging someone directly to ask questions I havent the patience to click relentlessly on this site attempting to find.

David, thanks a million for all the work you do and .. everyone else. Sure the CSS on the forum is awesome.. but apart from a beauty contest, not sure how the f i'm supposed to transcend my clicks and typing into actionable answers.

Sorry for being an ass. It's the pain.

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Thank you. I will do my best.

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This may be handy for others

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