Forum Engine Tutorial / Discourse Trust Levels

... I can't make poll.
I am getting
'You are not allowed to create polls.'
Please help.


You may need to wait. I think you’re a pretty new user who may not yet have the needed permission.

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I just made account here @jeff :smile:

So I'll wait, thanks

Increase your trust level:


Thank you @vgaetera
I see something like this first time.
I was even moderator on IP Board forum.

In my opinion this Board is less intuitive than IPB, but maybe thats because of this level.

Just take care of fireballs because they will make you smaller, and then you never reach the level to make polls.

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Guys now I have another problem.
I've read thread with over 100 replies, but didn't got a badge.

It's not really a problem :slight_smile:

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