Forum certificate expired

@tmomas sorry for ping, just to le you guys know.


Thanks for your report, issue has been fixed now.

Sorry for any inconveniences!

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The HSTS makes is a bit difficult to even recognise the error for forum non-connectivity, as Firefox is pretty much the only browser that clearly tells about the HSTS error.

The LE setup for was apparently still using LE's V1 API, which no longer works. I've manually fixed the issue.


I wonder if it might make sense to check other parts of the current OpenWrt infrastructure for LetsEncrypt V1 API usage, as a lot of infrastructure was built roughly at the same time during the LEDE split.

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Probably, but I'm currently busy with getting my GCC 10 by default series out the door.

Thanks @stintel - I'll check this issue out later today if @jow doesn't fix it first.

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