Formatting Pallet - Strike-through?

Is there an option in the forum software to enable a strike-through formatting option? If so, is there a reason it isn't currently enabled?

I made a mistake in another thread that @trendy caught (good work!) -- it's times like these that I'd like to be able to edit my post with a strike-through so that it is still there, but extremely obvious that it is not the right solution (rather than deleting the post or text, sometimes it can be informative to have the non-solutions there, too).

It is not enabled in the quick button list unfortunately.

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@trendy - thanks! Useful to know how to do that.

Is it not available to be added to the quick button list at all? Or just not enabled in this configuration?

No idea! Maybe @tmomas can help with that.


AFAIK there is not built-in option to simply activate a strikethrough button.
Some plugin seems to exist that provides this functionality (together with a bunch of other options).


I think it's best to move this post to Site Feedback category.