Forgotton lan IP

Hello I have a Xiaomi AX3200 router. Back in time I installed openwrt in it then forgotten the LAN IP.

It doesn't have DHCP enabled so I can't get in to luci. What I should do? I don't want to use MiWifiRepairTool because these routers need uart to unlock bootloader. So I don't wanna lose OpenWRT.

How can I reinstall openwrt freshly to it? Is TFTP allows to flash openwrt images? Or is this just for flashing official images?


If you didn't change the default IP, it will be, so you'll just set a static IP in the same subnet.

Beyond that, the fastest way to deal with this would be to use failsafe mode. Once booted into failsafe, you can check the lan IP in /etc/config/network. You can, optionally, reset the router to defaults which will turn the DHCP server back on and set the lan IP to But you don't have to reset unless you want to.

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