Force open a webpage for specific client?

Hi, in my country, when using a cellular modem as internet source and the credit is insufficient, sometimes ISP send a notification using a webpage that forcely open on android device, not sure about other countries,

my question is :

how to mimic that behaviour on openwrt router using a specific webpage ? maybe only for specific client when they reach specific usage limit

i have neighbors kid using my wifi connection, i'm not good at banning it, so i thought i'll use that trick to make the neighbors think i'm out of credit by mimick the ISP notification webpage to a local hosted web page.

That will be harder to set up, than learning how to ban him :slight_smile:

Could also be a fun cat and mouse game, if kid got the skills...

yep i can just ban the device, or limit the speed, but i don't feel good about it.

also, i think its interesting to learn this thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Shouldn't you just change the password?

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i don't feel good restricting him clearly, i was thinking restricting him without they know that i'm restricting.
i also curious how to achieve this, perhaps like captiveportal but without wifi (i'm using router with low memory and storage but has working wifi as dumb-ap , connected to openwrt on tv-box which has large memory and storage but unsupported wifi chip)

How handy are you with console and shell scripting?