Force Disable SLAAC + RA IPV6 (on wifi devices)

Hello, I have an internet box that provides SLAAC + RA IPV6 and I do not want to use it on my WiFi devices but the information from my internet box still passes through..
I want to completely disable IPv6 SLAAC +RA through my Openwrt switch for my wifi devices.

It's for my pihole DNS

Do you have any tips

  • Is the OpenWrt a separate device just acting as a switch, or is it the "Internet box" you're referencing?
  • Can you show the OpenWrt's network config?
  • Is the pihole different device?
  • What device provides WiFI?
  • It's not clear if the SLAAC + RA you wish to disable runs on your Internet box or the OpenWrt switch
  • It's not clear how these devices are connected

PiHole can still work with SLAAC, so you actually don't need to disable it.