Force AP to connect to specific router?


My home network is now with 4 wireless routers; one (main router) with UTP connection to the internet router; the other as Access Points with wifi backhaul to the main router.
I now have setup all router to expose the same SSID wifi network. For the backhaul I also use this SSID.
Now my question; can I force all other routers to connect to the main router and prevent the other routers to connect to each other for the backhaul?
Or is the only good option to setup a SSID specifc for the backhaul?

Worst situation is the other routers connect to each other and there is no internet at all....


If you use luci to scan and connect, it will lick onto the chosen bssid (~MAC address) by default; I'm on my pgone right now and can't check for the exact uci config (bssid?), please check the wiki for details.

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I had a quick check; the BSSID is not filled in.

So i doubt it would be used.

I see once if i can connect only using the BSSID.