For those that need OpenVPN throughput


Last year I started shopping for hardware for my home network. I concentrated on x86 because I have some experience with OpenWRT as well as pfsense and other x86 based router firmware.

So I settled on a Shuttle DH170 with an intel dual core G4400T (35w) and a single 2gb stick of DDR3L ram. I spent the last half year or so tinkering with the other firmware while waiting for ATT to finish the fiber install in my neighborhood. 3 weeks ago ATT got me hooked up with 100mbps and last week I upgraded to gigabit. Yesterday I got my vpn provider setup (airvpn) and ran a test running 6 concurrent ubuntu torrents to saturate the vpn connection.
Result: over 700mbps download via OpenVPN. Not bad for less than $200 worth of hardware (some new some used on ebay).

Granted my DH170 does not have wifi built in (you could add that if wanted), so I used my previous Asus RT86U as an access point and called it a day.



Less than $200? The DH170 alone without CPU/RAM is $250
G4400 is $117

That's close to $400 even before adding RAM and storage



Technically correct. I found great deals on ebay. The DH170 was new and the G4400T used.

As an aside I shopped around and also bought a Gigabyte H270 Itx board and a G4560 for less, but the G4400T does fine at only 2.9ghz.

There are a few new single board computers coming out that might be good enough to push 500mbps OpenVPN. My J5005 will on pfsense but not OpenWRT.

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My HP T620 plus with i350T4v2 costed me $175 currently my main router.



yeah, but this price 16$

it has a pci and a pci-e connector



Nice, for me T620 is more scale-able, 4 cores, 4GB RAM, 16GB flash if need can be used for pfsence as well



This conversation made me think - what's available as far as cheap x86?

There seem to be quite a few cheap Z8350 offerings (around $100 total for a fully assembled system), and the Z8350 has AES-NI support, so should in theory provide decent OpenVPN throughput if you set things up to use AES-NI.