For Sale (UK) : 2x Bt Hub5 with OpenWrt installed

I have a pair of these I used to use with OpenWrt in good working order. More importantly i also have the original firmware backed up for those routers which is part of the OpenWrt upgrade procedure.

Let me know if you would like the new RC on it or the stable version and i'll flash them and send on and link / send the firmware too.

As they have OpenWrt preinstalled you only have to upgrade the version later yourself and dont have to crack the case and try solder on UART port leads.

As an OpenWrt router with VDSL it is ok. You can even squeeze in a AdGuardHome install if you are careful but there is limited space and ram so do not go wild putting 4million block lists into it. It WILL fall over with out of memory errors. (and its why i upgraded)

UK buyers preferred as the postage will most likely be about £5. £10 for a router.

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This is a router manufactured by Sagemcom under contract for BT.

All BT broadband packages come with a complimentary BT Home Hub router to connect your devices to the internet.

So is this an ISP device?

It was. BT branded but flashes to OpenWrt easily enough (once you crack the case and use a UART lead). Plusnet use same routers just in a white case.

By reflashing the original firmware you can go back to BT software but then it spoils the point of putting OpenWrt on it.

Bill on the ebilan forums has a full document detailing how to do it and setups etc.

So...not really yours to sell.

Have been out of contract for couple years and when i asked about returning them they said i can send it to a recycling address or bin them.

If its an issue i'll just throw them on ebay instead. Just figured I'd save someone wanting to try openwrt the effort of having to do the difficult part themselves.

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Not my call.

Up to the mods.

i already asked @tmomas and he said it was fine. Thus my post.


Cool beans then.