For Sale [Manufacturer Price]: AW7916-NPD AX-3000 WiFi-6E (DBDC)

I run one of these on my router (OpenWrt 22.03.4, r20123-38ccc47687) so it's tested and working. I'm selling these at the same price I got them for, so $42 each. You just have to pay shipping to where ever you're at, shipping from California. Getting these direct from AsiaRF costs $30 in shipping so about $70 each. Comes with a heatsink. They also support DBDC so they act like a 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz AP at the same time (they have 2 wifi radios onboard).

With my laptop with an Intel AX210 wifi card, I'm able to get 1.2gbps.

Only taking paypal for now.


More Info:

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Are these still available?

Spec calls for 3.3V 3.5A do you know if this will work with openwrt on pci-e on x86 motherboard?


Hi Terry,

Sorry for the slow response. I think I have 3 left.

That's how I use mine, in a x86 board with a PCI-e to mini PCI-e adapter. I believe an atx mobo's PCI-e spec is 3A so pretty close. Either way I've never had an issue and get 1.2Gb/s line of sight.

Also if you're very concerned about the 3.5A you might be able to find a nice pcie adapter that has an onboard buck converter to provide the extra amperage. But I'd only try that if I found I was having issues with power.

BTW I bought this and put my card in:

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where in cali?

NorCal 95467

Google maps says 3 hour drive. Interesting. I’ll have to think about it.

I'll take one. Just registered but PM me.

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Are there 3 antenna connections on the new card, or more?

There are 3 antenna connections.

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Received today, ultra fast shipping.

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Does anyone know of a USB enclosure for this module?
Is that even possible?

I don't know of anything that can do that. From my understanding you'd need a chip that would act as an interface from pcie to usb. The closest thing is those nvme to usb adapters. But those chips appear as storage devices that then do the interfacing to an nvme drive themselves.

The closest thing I could reasonable expect to work would be something like this with an adapter like this But this isn't a USB adapter, it still needs to be plugged into a PCIe slot.

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All cards sold. Closed!

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