For Sale [Manufacturer Price]: AW7916-NPD AX-3000 WiFi-6E (DBDC)

I run one of these on my router (OpenWrt 22.03.4, r20123-38ccc47687) so it's tested and working. I'm selling these at the same price I got them for, so $42 each. You just have to pay shipping to where ever you're at, shipping from California. Getting these direct from AsiaRF costs $30 in shipping so about $70 each. Comes with a heatsink. They also support DBDC so they act like a 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz AP at the same time (they have 2 wifi radios onboard).

With my laptop with an Intel AX210 wifi card, I'm able to get 1.2gbps.

Only taking paypal for now.


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