For any one who might want to upload lede router data info directly to influxdb

hi there here a simple package for people who want to send data to influxdb. it pretty simple software all you do is enable collectd and the various monitors that you want. install the collectd cvs.. it uses the cvs to send the data to influx server . when it send it to the influx server it automatically creates a database based on the MAC of the router and sub groups of what ever collectd csv you have set up to be sent. you can adjust the send to what ever frequency required every 30 seconds or once a day.. I send mine every 30 seconds .. if the internet goes out or the influxdb goes down it will simple add the entries in when every they come up again be minute or hours later

okay good luck have fun ..

I use it for monitoring the networks of 50 community organization all over Canada. it sends the info back to centralized place where i can visualize the network performances of these locations


sorry for some reason when i compressed the folder a couple files were missing I re compressed under tar format and uploaded it again -- if you have issue with file let me know as I am not sure why that file did not get included it

for anyone who wants a precompiled version for BPI-R1
it is set to send data to infuxdb

manual for it

it can also be configured easily enough to be MQTT IOT monitor just follow the Howto guide just modify to your needs

never notice that 18.06. was out so i updated it with Collectd-mod-Mqtt and added influx send software for collectd CSV

Do I understand it correctly that you provide the binaries that someone should execute on the router?

For any system collecting data with collectd and another DB collecting data instead of rrd files you are supposed to use the collectd network plugin.


LoadPlugin network
<Plugin "network"\>
    Server "influxdbserver" "25826"

wouldn't that be the same result but by using the "default" solution?

I looked at that maybe I try it it just that but how resilient is it it , to influx data outages I can disconnect influxdb for hours , day or weeks if not years, and under default configuration ( as long as the router did not reboot) it will upload all the data it stored to influx for that time period . plus I can pick and choose what info i want to upload to influxdb

also on my router firmware that I have posted on github I use the same software to upload other data such and network speed test every ~4 hours
that also uploads the your ip, latency, your provider name, test server name and location ... to influxdb that you can graph as a table in grafana showing results of such tests