For 99% identical hw, can i flash 2 devices with the same image?


I have an ASUS RT-N12+ B1( : ) and i want to use OpenWRT on it.

As i can see, it has almost identical hw as WR841n ( ) so would it be safe to flash Asus with TP Link image? I am doing this because Asus model doesnt have OpenWRT support.

Thank you

Simple answer is No.


Okay, seems fair to me :)).

I will have to use Padavan then, even though i have another router running OpenWRT with usb mod and everything is fine.
Is there a simple explanation and what could've gone wrong if i did it? because i was really near to flash it (thinking that i may recover it and install Padavan afterwards)

Thanks a lot

Without knowing specifics, could include

  • Hard brick (different flash layout, for example)
  • Soft brick (too many to count)
  • Poor performance (cal data different, overwritten, for example)
  • Hardware damage (voltage regulator or GPIO line configured differently, for example)

I think i'll skip this for now then :)). So indeed the chance of bricking it are way too high, thanks again for detailed explanation, now I can go on with my life :smiley: maybe until i can find a router that supports usb mod and OpenWrt and is not really expensive. Or choose raspberry or arduino. Thanks again guys!

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