Folding@Home explicit ip address

Hi There,

I have a good working OpenWrt 19.07.2 running on a Dir-860B1 router.

In this time of Corona I would like to help the folding@home initiative.

It seems that I can't get a job because of a failing connection.
In the forum of folding@home one mentioned explicit ip address not working.

I've done a test ping gives a result ping not.
I also have DNS over HTTPS running on my router

Does anybody have a solution.

Thanks in advance
Guy Forssman

Solution: give it time. I have been experiencing the same thing where sometimes I don't get a new work unit for a while...I think the servers are just overloaded (which is actually encouraging in terms of the desire/demand from the public to help). It has nothing to do with your router.


ping isn't a valid address to ping. Ping doesn't have a port number.

Folding@home servers are crazy busy at the moment trying to supply a 20x increase in number of clients. One of my boxes has been idle for some 5 days or so, but just suddenly started receiving work units today.

Patience is the solution.