FM350GL eSIM / eUICC support

Wondering if here anybody has or had any experiance of activating eSIM on modem under OpenWrt?

How to get eSIM activated, how to get strings for eSIM and implement it?

I guess once eSIM it is configured the steps are simple like:


AT+GTDUALSIM? -- Check which SIM is in use
AT+GTDUALSIM=1 -- Switch to eSIM

AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet" -- Set up the APN to be used by the PDP
AT+QCFG="bip/auth",1 -- Enable BIP
AT+QIACT=1 -- Activate PDP context

??? Make sure that SIM ToolKit(STK) is disabled, apply AT+QSTK=0 to disable it.

AT+CGPADDR? -- get address IP
AT+CSQ? -- check signal quality
AT+CGREG? -- network registration status

Are you aware of
I'm wondering if it could be used for eSIM myself.