FM190W-GL - Snapdragon X75 ( OpenWrt built-in) bricked


Could I get any help on this matter where I have modem FM190W-GL has OpenWrt 22.03 built-in (Inside the modem).
The issue there was no network so I thought I can play with modem maybe the issue with it

I tried to update all packages but I got failed after that I did this------>I enabled or disabled all Startup things under software (I don't know =they were showing enable by green I pressed on each one of them to activate ) ..... after that the modem turn off forever

I installed the modem on OpenWrt device couldn't detect it
same thing Installed the modem on USB adapter couldn't detect it

I have the firmware for it . is there any advise please

You need to ask fibocom that made OpenWRT fork and installed it on the PCB card.

Fibocom doesn't provide support, after sales (X_X)
any option please

You are not running openwrt from

Dude Its not by my hand , its by Fibocom they put OpenWrt 22.03 on their modem

so now the modem is not detecting by USB or by Banan PI-4 board

Correct... Fibocom put a heavily modified fork of OpenWrt onto their device. That firmware did not come from the official project. The changes they made are not known to the OpenWrt community, so it is not supportable here.

Please seek other avenues for support.