Flowoffloading and Firewall Question


I have 'Software flow offloading' enabled on my WRT3200ACM with Version 19.07.4. No problems so far. But I wonder how I shall read the information on the firewall page:

I understand the two rules (second and and third) as I would expect it this way, flow offloaded before related/established. But I wonder why the numbers for Pkts. and traffic are equal on both rules?

Thanks for helping my understand.

It seems to me that flowoffload target returned the packets to next rule, hence the equal packets.
However since the third rule's matches are a subset of the second, it's weird that related or established were not processed

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tried to get some more information with conntrack -L but the version available by opkg is too old. A newer version would be needed for deeper inspection. :frowning: