Flashing TP Link WA702ND with serial and unbrick Xiaomi mi Wifi4a

Its my first time installing with serial. I want to next unbrick my xiaomi mi wifi 4a gigabit and i want to know how to flash with serial conection. I soldered the pins in the tp link but when on putty select the com 5 (Ch341a flasher in TTL) with speed 115200

The Mi wifi 4a Gigabit is died and when i try to flash padavan , when i recover it with the zoro guide or huddy's guide, the device apparently boot's but when i try to conect over wifi or cable to him refuse to conect over wifi and in cable give u IP and suddently cuts the conection.

The behaviour you're seeing is typically caused by:

  • ground not properly connected
  • Vcc being connected, it should not
  • voltage mismatch (e.g. serial console set to 5V, while the PCB must use 3.3V or less)
  • afterwards you may play with the baudrate (picking from the commonly used ones between 9600-115200), but these symptoms don't really look like that being the issue here