Flashing snapshot from 22.03.3 breaks luci-ssl

I've flashed my routers from 22.03.3 as issues with 5.15 kernel appear to have been mostly resolved.

However, I no longer have access to the router's LuCI provided by luci-ssl, although the router's core functionalities remain working. I checked the system log through SSH and found it that uhttpd is crashing.

It seems there are some changes in the encryption algorithms required for uhttpd and the certificates previously generated on older versions of OpenWrt no longer works.

This issue is not device-specific. I've upgraded two devices of different architectures, and on both devices LuCI stopped working.

I don't know if there's an easy instruction on how to regenerate the certificates, and whether this needs to be done on an existing Linux PC or can be done entirely on the router itself...

The simplest way is to delete the two uhttpd certificate related files from /etc and restart the uhttpd service. The cert is recreated automatically by the starting service if the files are missing. (As they are self-signed, the process is really simple)


Many thanks!

After deleting the old certs, uhttpd indeed regenerated the certificates and everything is working now.

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