Flashing RT-N18U how?

Dear All,

I've got an Asus RT-N18U, and I would like to install openwrt on it.
The official "Firmware Update" refuses to accept the trx file, saying "Invalid firmware". I've tried the factory firmware and the latest Asus firmware for this model as well.

I'm using the image linked here in the Installation section: https://openwrt.org/toh/asus/rt-n18u
Which btw has a nice "FIX ME" icon saying "Please add the installation procedure here."
I've also checked https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/asus/asus_rt-n18u_a1 which has "Installation method(s): unknown". I've read more posts on this forum stating that people have installed openwrt on this particular router, so I'm sure it can be done somehow.
I was wondering if the CFE bootloader supports tftp, but if so how? Should I have the reset button pressed during turn on or what? And what IP does it use? The router came with absoultely no documentation.

Please advise, how can I install openwrt 18.06.2 on RT-N18U?



I've figured it out. Could someone please update the openwrt.org device page? I'm not getting the registration email so I can't log in to do it myself.

The official web interface "Firmware Update" will refuse the openwrt image, so you have to flash the router via tftp:

  1. turn off your router
  2. press and hold the RESET button (one between the WAN and USB ports)
  3. turn on the router
  4. wait until the power led begin to blink slowly, then release the RESET button (approx. 20-30 sec)
  5. connect your PC with one of the router's LAN port
  6. on your PC, configure static IP netmask
  7. use atftp
    7.1 tftp> mode octet
    7.2 tftp> put openwrt-*.trx
    7.3 tftp> quit
  8. if the image received successfully, the power led will stop blinking
  9. wait several minutes until the router reboots and other leds came up (approx. 10 min)

Installation method(s): bootloader tftp only



I updated the page, thank you!

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