Flashing power light and no access Linksys-WRT54gv2.2

I had just decided to flash openwrt yesterday over the now three yr old tomato. I might have picked the wrong version with WRTGS,18.06 , i now see another version 10.0.1 meant for wrt54g ..
anways it flashed successfully , i set root password , timezone, update opkg and installed nano , wireguard ...and then i got carried away by adding adblock and finally luci-ssl ,needless to say that was the last thing i could do..router doesn't have usb .. it either isn't booting up or worse bricked. already tried resetting , should i have used the reset button in luci or device itself ? i did the latter
my gut feeling stumbled on it

No, not "meant for", but a nearly decade-old, obsolete and insecure version of firmware for a router that has lived out its historic life.

Time for a new router. Suitable replacements that will far outperform the WRT54g are available for US $20 or less, worldwide, with many suggestions and opinions in the long thread