Flashing openwrt with wan access


So I'm a little out of ideas how to find a work around for this specific issue.

Inside the electric closet I have a isp modem with OpenWrt and one Mochabin router with OpenWrt connected as a Lancache server.

The Mochabin is connected via wan to the modem as a client, but I'm planning to upgrade the firmware to 23.5.0-RC4 but I came to a conclusion this will not be a easy step as I realize when the new firmware runs, it will run with the wan input to reject or drop meaning I cannot access it via port 80,443 from wan.

Usually with a other setup a typical dumbap I can work around this by swapping cables, but in this situation I'm unable to do that, since there is only one cable of 20 meter from the modem to my management/switch, so the only cable I can change is the cable from the Mochabin to the isp modem.

Are there ways to flash firmware with different firewall rules?, or can it be done with compiling firmware?

Or would it also work if I change the cable from wan to port 1 (I know from normal routers it changes into a switch), but I believe that does not work on OpenWrt?

All suggestions are welcome :grin::+1:


to be honest i cannot really envision how your setup looks exactly as normal connectivity chain would be isp modem -- owrt -- lan clients but you state your management switch directly connects to isp modem ... so i'm lost.

but if you really wish you can use imagebuilder and disable firewall service, which is brutal and very insecure but can be done. i highly NOT recommend to do that though unless you really don't have other choice. also a bit less intrusive to use imagebuilder with uci-defaults https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/uci-defaults. though, again, opening luci ports on wan side is highly insecure.

is re-cabling / re-connecting indeed not possible? if you have 20meter cable from your isp modem to your mgmt switch why cannot you insert mochabin router at that point??

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I got it fixed :slight_smile:

I was making it way to complicated.

on my isp modem I have client ports aswell, so what I have done is get the cable from port 1 (the 20M cable which goes to the managed switch) and I inserted it into the Mochabin as client, now all my management over the 20M cable gets routed through Mochabin, and the Wan port of Mochabin is connected on the isp modem port 2 as client.

but indeed this is not a general setup its more of a home lab environment, but this allowed me to upgrade it and have both internet connectivity :slight_smile:

thanks for the help ! :+1:

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