Flashing OpenWrt to Netgear r8000p

I need to know about the pins for console flashing. I have an USB to ttl, but I do not know where to connect ground tx and rx pin connector. Does someone have knowledge about.
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Are the R8000 and R8000p same device?


I think I have to try out.

FYI: without 3.3v it won't work.

You can use a jumper to short the TX/RX pin, then you will have access to the simple recovery webpage :slight_smile:

When i put a jumper on TX/RX, my "R8000P" does not boots/starts. How did you access the simple recovery webpage? Is it possible to flash .w (not .chk) firmware from this page?
Thank you.

I tried accessing serial console before seeing the image of the correct pins on the R8000P (R8000 picture) and I saw it didn't work, so I tried plugging in the red 3.3v wire and it also didn't work. Then I tried plugging it in based on the R8000P picture above, which also didn't work. Am I not getting serial console access at all because I plugged the red wire in which fried the port?

for me this worked.
pin set

why not simply insert the image into your post ?

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