Flashing OpenWrt into Experia v8

Hello I'm trying to flash openwrt into experia v8. It's a complicated process but the simplest way seems UART. However I can't find the pins for UART on the circuit board.

Can someone points me to them?

I'm trying to update the wiki to make it easier to digest with clearer images of the soldering points. I highly appreciate any help

:confused: :eyes: Hacking an SHA1-hashed password is easier than using a web GUI!?!?

I apologize if you've seen those pictures...but if so, I also suggest using the zoom feature for images.

(I honestly think you didn't see the relevant sections of the Wiki; but if so, please explain how hacking an SHA1-hashed password is easier than browsing to a GUI and uploading a file. I'm sure the entire science community would love to know - I know I do.)

On a Lantiq you don't need to cope with the available firmware, if you don't want/can. The SoC can boot from UART, and you can upload your own bootloader.

Perhaps you replied to me by mistake?



Does this help the OP with accessing the Serial pins or console to flash an Experia v8?

Not by mistake. You are talking about the necessity to hack an SHA-1 hashed password to use UART on that box. I'm trying to tell the UART of a Lantiq SoC offers the possibility to bypass the firmware completely. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

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No, the Wiki does, but OK, semantics aside :smiley: - I get your point. It's good you highlighted this point to the OP. :wink:

The writer in the Wiki notes they "patched" the password/pin out in order to access the Serial console...but unless I'm mistaken, it does not explain how.

Oh, it's clear - just off-topic.

Most bootloaders without some kind of restriction added/removed allow just that - that's what a bootloader is. It's also how OpenWrt can be loaded on a majority of devices, including this one, and yours.

web gui won't allow you to upload openwrt unless you enter a pin code.
uart seems protected too ..
Is the only way from here jTAG?

I hate to press...but are you really sure???

This “secret” recovery interface comes with an even more secret page that does not check the firmware images before flashing them


Did you try:

I did get that page, but it still does ask for a pin code.

Installing OpenWRT on a VG7519 is actually simpel, iv'e done several of them.
Installing OpenWRT using serial console is the easiest option.
Next to the JTAG interface there are 4 pins, these 4 are the serial console.
Before power-on the device you have to short the jumpers mentioned on the vgv7519 page on the openwrt wiki. After boot and downloading the boot.asc file you have to un-short the jumpers els you wil endup where youv'e left.