Flashing OpenWrt error cannot resize UBI volume


Im so close to get the Meraki MR 32 Flashed but i have an problem.

I get an error after the AP got the Firmware:

<Meraki> odm firmware part.safe ""
Connecting to (
firmware.tmp         100% |*******************************| 10120k  0:00:00 ETA
ubirsvol: error!: cannot UBI resize volume
          error 22 (Invalid argument)
Unable to resize to 10362880

but the initramfs is only to load into ram & you can't save settings
an initramfs image should not have anything to do with a UBI partition

ok thnak you. but do you have any idea hot wo fix this error?

I also can get into an shell on the AP. Can i flash the AP via the linux shell?

I don't have one of these
but here are the original flashing instructions

it seems you do weirdly do flash the initramfs image
to then sysupgrade it to a normal version
I would try to find the first or oldest version of initramfs
and hope it's just a problem with newer files

Nothing weird, that's what the instructions in the linked git commit and on the devicepage (a copy of the git commit instructions) tell you to do, and that seems to be what he is following.

Do you have an older or newer firmware that works?

I can confirm I do get the same error when trying to flash a MR32, do anyone made any progress to solve this ? Thanks!