Flashing Netgear Nighthawk AC2600 / R7800

Hello, I am trying to install OpenWrt on my Nighthawk but cannot get the tftp to work, serial no: 5rm612bwa0023. I follow these instructions: https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r7800.
I tried on a Windows computer with tftpd64 and on a Mac with the terminal tftp. I even reloaded the router firmware from netgear version AC2600_V1.2.0.90_1.0.1. The tftp just times out. I tried to increase the timeout to 24000 with no luck. mac ip, tftp tp I also tried to tftp the real factory image renaming it factory.img with no luck.
Please help, I am getting cramps form holding the reset button with a paper clip.

Common issues usually include:

  • your PC firewall blocking the tftp client
  • wrong IP addresses being configured/ used
  • powering off the router causes a reconnect, with link-training and maybe losing the IP address on the computer in the process, putting a simple unmanaged switch between router and PC can avoid that

Netgear's push-button tftp recovery tends to be very reliable.

Hey, thanks for the good advice. I will definitely check the firewall issue. I used for the MAC and for the router. I did see the mac disconnect when pressing the reset, I had the network config window open, I believe it did reconnect but I am not sure.

I will give it another try with a Linux machine, where I have better control over the network. I will aslo try the unmanaged switch as I have one.

All the best

I found the problem, human error and I am the human. My model is AC2600 not X4S AC2600 R7800. It is not supported.
Thanks for everything.

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