Flashing Mercusys MR70X

I use ASUS RT-AC68U instead with dd-wrt.
These mercusys brands are such a pain in the a**. I had mr50g, even with serial attached, it didn't register my keystrokes. I got stuck like the guy @pZY above. Same page. I upload the firmware, it loads it. Restarts it, same page again... My mr50g is staying borked in the basement.

Just wanted to quickly report that I was able to flash the official 23.05.2 factory image to my MR70x v1 without issues at all. I just pulled it out the box and flashed. My MR70x originally shipped with a late 2022 firmware, all seems to be working well.



did you fix the router, I have the same problems,
it shows me a page to insert the recovery firmware

My router mr70x are soft brick and how can i solve it?