Flashing Meraki mr24 - need help (solved)

It turns out that snapshots do not have LuCi installed as flashing instruction appear to suggest.


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When I wrote the flashing instructions, I was fairly careful to write them so they work every time for people who're not experts at this stuff.

(My reasoning: I'm a sucker for helping out newcomers - they're the new blood in any project, and if we make it hard for them to join, our project numbers will dwindle... Flashing new firmware is a particularly dicey time for newcomers: they're about to take their perfectly good router that's working fine at home for their spouse and kids, do brain surgery (or replace the transmission - pick your analogy) and hope that they have a working router at the end.)

To minimize the variables, I wrote the Standard Flashing Instructions assuming a web GUI. Note, however, that there's no way to install a snapshot following the Quick Start Guide without using installing a GUI first.

We do have a "Flashing from the command line" forum posting and similar wiki page but these are not written for beginners. You're welcome to use those.


I found this old thread as I found a MR24 in my bin and wanted to get OpenWRT on it. The previous post mentions Standard Flashing Instructions with link embedded, however that is now broken. Anyone willing to offer some help here, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

See https://openwrt.org/toh/meraki/mr24#installation

Thanks, I found that link, but the post I am referencing, well it seems like that way is simpler, assumably not having to open the unit - is that the case, or the unit needs to be opened in order to flash, no matter what...

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