Flashing dlink dwr118 and install french language

hello, i'm Jeremy. i'm 30.
I want flash my dlink and use it on repeater wifi or router.
i try flash it with https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dwr-118
but the problem is:
when i've flashing ok, i change password, i've not network for installing my language (french).
i have try more parameters, but i don't have network.
i have lan access
thank you for you replie the community

WAN works by default.

Please provide more information regarding your ISP connection.

Le WAN fonctionne par défaut.

Veuillez fournir plus d'informations concernant votre connexion FAI.

Hello, sorry for my late.
my ISP connection is bouygues Telecom in french.
I've a static public ip (administration accces ip is
My ip for this router is static (
the administration accces ip for router is by default ?
thank you
best regards

Disconnect the wan port, assign the br-lan an IP on a different subnet, like, and reconnect the wan.

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