Flashing DIR 878 R1 Stock Firmware to DIR 878 A1

Hello friends, my first post here and I would like to know whether or not it's possible to flash DIR 878 Russian (R1 Model) stock firmware into the DIR 878 A1 (American) hardware.

Going the basic way of using the recovery mode to directly upload the russian firmware does not work. DLink would not allow us to do this so easily :smiley: So I believe it has something to do with different bootloaders or firmware headers, so I was wondering whether I could first try to flash the russian bootloader on my american device and then try to flash the russian firmware next.

The question: Is this assumption correct ? How to do this ?
Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

I have already successfully loaded OpenWRT to my DIRE 878 but this time I really want to try the 160 MHz channel support and super mesh features only available in the russian firmware.

Thanks in advance for reading and trying to help.

you need to change the boot loader
witch i can give you the files to do this
however going back to A1 is not so easy
& using the R1 you need to erase your part of the factory partition
so you need to make sure you backup you partitions
and there is a real risk of bricking you board
how ever if you have programmer to re flash the spi flash
and skill to do this it's ok
but I don't think you do or you would not be asking this.


Lucky, as you probably are running Russian firmware on the 878 and you mentioned on another topic that A1 FW sucks a lot, are there any issues with the R1 firmware that might force one to get back to A1? As the OP, I am interested in flashing the current Russian firmware (4.0.1) because of the 160 MHz support.
And also, could you please share the bootloader that allows flashing R1 fw on the A1 model?
Thanks in advance!

I have left my original A1 boot loader in my unit
I have let the unit sitting around waiting for bugs to be fixed in rc4
last time I tested it as an access point with rc4
it still lost connections but weirdly just being plug in
it was affecting my wire computers
so it's not doing anything atm
the only down side to the R1 firmware was it's wifi speed
all of my usage & testing was just as an access point
I don't think 128M is not really enough for a modern router with wifi as well

I don't really want to share the boot loader as you can't get back to the A1
with out backups of your old flash & an SPI flash programmer & soldering skills

as I don't have any 160Mhz clients I never bothered testing 160Mhz

if you rely want the Russian boot loader extract it from the Russian firmware with 7zip
if you can flash it with your spi flash programmer the same way you will need to bring it back to the A1
but do remember to backup the flash as the Russian firmware will delete unrecoverable region config data

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With a cheap aliexpress CH341A i can flash the bin file direct without modify any area? I gonna make a dump from my flash just in case.

Edit: just opened my router and seems to need soldering in flash terminals, can't use the tweezer.