Flashed TL-MR3420 Unable to connect to 3G Dongle

I've installed firmware on TP-Link TL-MR-3420 V3 Build on my using your image http://www.mediafire.com/file/rok9992r7d6f04x/TL-MR3420-CC-3.18.45.zip 1.

I'm newbie with very little knowledge of programing, I'm looking to use my 3G usb dongle (Huawei E8372) for primary internet connection. I'm looking to block some urls on the router, and user management for limiting internet bandwidth they use while not limiting the local network connection bandwidth for other clients, If someone could help by listing steps to do get it done.


I don't think that image has all the software you need for that. You'd have to compile your own, and it might be difficult to fit everything in 4 MB. Also the one you've got is using an old version of OpenWRT which will have known security issues. It would be better if you can use 17.01.5.